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Confer Fragrant Co. Ltd., well known as Axroma Textile is originally found in Yunlin, Taiwan. The company has been dedicating all efforts to develop performance fabrics for outdoor patio market and manufacturing abilities are across weaving, printing, dyeing, and finishing. Current President F.K. Liu, found the company in 1973, has participated in the growing, shifting and elevating stages of textile industry in Taiwan for more than four decades. His products have been transformed from cotton canvas, corduroy, polyester and nowadays environmental conscious solution-dyed polyester and polypropylene products and he believes this is the trend for the best textile in the future so has continued to capitalize for machine & equipment renewal to support advanced product development and efficient production. The company culture starts with morning tea ritual which is host by Mr. Liu every day. He treats the company staff the finest Taiwanese oolong tea and share with his philosophy and listens to opinions for consensus forming, problem solving and decision making. All customers are impressed of such tea ceremony and regard it as unique feature of Axroma.

It is well known that Mr. Liu is passionate about German shepherd dogs as he admires their loyalty, braveness, and live to deliver tasks. He expects his staff and his children to embody these merits while servicing the customers. The company has been growing every year, but Mr. Liu prioritizes business ethics while pursuing business growth and market expansion therefore the company is regarded as a reputable and reliable business partner to many important customers.

Axroma Textile has been the real manufacturer of outdoor performance fabrics for North American market for about 20 years and has accumulated the most precious experiences in documenting color recipes that are effectively fade and weather resist including printed, piece dyed or solution-dyed woven fabrics. Our 24-hr running UV & weathering testing machine continues feeding with the newest data to identify the performance of fiber, yarn, and color to help quality monitor and innovation. We understand the market specifications and commit to provide warranty with moderate conditions to best service our customers and consumers.
Mr. Liu envisions the company can provide a great platform to allow young and bright people to dedicate to create beautiful performance textile and weave a greater future.

1973 – Confer Fragrant Co., Ltd. was founded in time for booming labor intensive industry in Taiwan so the company stabilize fundamental base for growth.

1982 – Confer Fragrant Dyeing mill was built and launched for production for timely sampling and controllable production quality.

2006 – Initiated a Dobby weaving mill in Lianyungang city, Jiangsu province of China as a big milestone for globalization yet keeping root in Taiwan.

2010 – Acquire a Jacquard weaving mill from supply chain in Yunlin to continue supporting seasonal hectic sampling and intense production

2012 – Acquired additional Jacquard rapier jets of full count to diversify the product and build complete scale.

2013 – Lianyungang Axroma Technical Textiles Co., Ltd. constructed in China and consolidated warping, weaving to finishing process for vertical control.

2016 – Continue building and expanding